Research: Weak winds, low precipitation spell heavy poldisneyworld com magicallution in winter

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A woman wearing a mask walks on a street in Beijing on Nov 14, 2018. [Photo/IC]

The environmental conditions in northern China will be generally unfavorable for dispersing air pollutants until February, according to research by the National Climate Center and the China National Environmental Monitoring Center.

Northern parts of the country have fired up their winter heating systems, with the use of coal-powered generators making the colder months the most heavily polluted.

The China Meteorological Administration has said most parts of the country will experience a warmer winter compared with previous years, though the start of this winter in December will be relatively colder.

Northern and southern parts will have more precipitation than the average for previous years, and central parts will see much less precipitation, it said.

The eastern part of Northwest China and the western part of North China will see precipitation fall 20 to 50 percent compared with the recent average.

With less precipitation, dust is prone to be blown into the air, contributing to PM2.5, tiny pollutant particles that can harm health.

The administration said cold air from the north will be weak this year, making it difficult to disperse pollutants.

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