Hangzhou puts 335 pasglow in the dark silicone wristbandssengers on flight under medical observation

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Hangzhou in East China"s Zhejiang province has put all 335 passengers on board a flight from Singapore under medical observation or isolation after two passengers aboard the flight were found running a fever.

The flight, TR188, from Changi, Singapore to Xiaoshan International Airport in Hangzhou, landed at about 10:00 pm Friday, carrying 116 passengers from Wuhan, where the novel coronavirus pneumonia was first reported.

The two passengers with a fever were sent to a hospital in Xiaoshan, while other passengers from Wuhan were put in isolation for further medical observation at an airport hotel. The rest of the passengers were sent to another hotel for medical observation.

Singapore on Saturday refuted rumors claiming the plane was denied entry to Singapore.

"ICA is aware of rumors circulating online that more than 100 arriving travelers from Wuhan were denied entry into Singapore," said Singapore"s Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, or ICA.

"ICA would like to clarify that this is untrue and the alleged incident did not take place," it said.

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